Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Preparations For Nigeria Trip


The dedication service for the new church in Nigeria is scheduled for 12:00 noon on November 2nd. This my official invitation letter.

If you need to see any picture bigger you can always left click on the picture.

Preparations are moving right along for our upcoming trip to Nigeria. We are planning to fly out on October 31st. That means we have about nine days to go. Kelly Jo and I are both very excited about this trip. We were there in December 2012 but we are very anxious to see everybody again.

In preparation we always make a big Walmart run to try to buy all of the things we will need for the trip. Kelly Jo always has a pretty big list of items and this time was no exception. While we were taking care of that we were also buying lots of candy for all of the children in the church and more candy, pens, paper, markers, flashcards and many other things for Bro. Shobanke's Christian school. 

I love the Christian school and we want to be supportive of it in every way we can. We are going to spend some time there on Monday November 4th and we hope to put a great big smile on the faces of the students and teachers if we can.

Pastor Larry Lamb and the Full Gospel Lighthouse in Sweeny, Texas donated $200 toward all the candy and gifts for the school. It was a very thoughtful and generous gift. They have always been a mission minded church and I know that God will bless them for that. Thank you all for your kindness to my little friends in Nigeria. I promise to soak up as much of their love as I can and bring some back to you!

The Christian School in December 2012

We normally do not have enough room to take very much stuff when we travel to Nigeria. We usually have our clothes for two weeks plus a couple of hundred books to give to the preachers. Since this is a shorter trip and we will not be conducting a Minister's Conference we think we can get most of our clothes in one piece of luggage. That means we have three pieces of luggage more for candy and such. I think this is going to be a fun trip.

I am sure that we will make one final run to Walmart for last minute items that we forgot the other day but most of what remains is packing. Kelly Jo is the master packer and she will be doing as much of that as she can this week. Thank you for all of your prayers. It seems to all be coming together.


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