Monday, October 14, 2013

A Happy 28th Birthday for Odie

Travel Day

Revival In Pictures

It seems like we have been celebrating Odie's 28th birthday for two weeks!

I guess it seems that way because we really  have been celebrating it for two weeks.

At Tanner Williams...

With the Big Reuben at Katz...

In Livingston, Texas...

Again in Livingston, Texas...

And tonight at Sweeny, Texas we were in church as she turned 28 at 7:49 (8:49 Eastern time).

Happy Birthday, Odie! You are loved and wished a Happy Birthday by a multitude of people.

You know your Mama and Papa love you most of all! We will never forget that night you came into our lives. You have been a joy to us!



  1. Happy Birthday Odie!!!!
    Love from the Keen Family

  2. Happy Birthday Odie!

    Sarah Adams


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