Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday in Pine Prairie, Lousiana



Sunday started off pretty chilly for this part of the world and Odie has a picture to prove it.

39 degrees! I think winter time is on the way.

It did warm up later and turned out to be a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the temperature was just right and we had wonderful services at the Christian Tabernacle in Pine Prairie, Louisiana. Yes, it was a beautiful day.

We have been coming to Pine Prairie for several years now and Pastor Barry Gautreaux and Sis. Teresa are some of our best friends. They are super great people and they pastor a great church.

Their church folks have embraced us as family and we love to come here for revival. We always have good services and both services Sunday followed the usual pattern. It is fun to sing and preach to these folks and watch them respond. We are expected great things from God the next three nights.

Here are a few pictures of the folks that were here Sunday morning and Sunday night.

Already eating some good food here as usual! I tell it every where I go that some of the best food in the world is found right here in Pine Prairie. It is definitely NOT a good place for a diet.

Pine Prairie Christian Tabernacle

Bro. Gautreaux and his folks are in the process of building a new sanctuary and it is coming right along. It is going to be an awesome addition with plenty of room for growth.

Kelly Jo has her own room at Pine Prairie Christian Tabernacle. The Kelly Jo Room is the laundry room built on the back porch of the fellowship hall. She is pretty important around here and that is no joke at all!

I am sure we will have more pictures of the folks here before we leave and head toward Pensacola and then on to Africa. Speaking of Africa, I hope to have a post up tomorrow about our preparations for the trip.

God bless you all.


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