Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Counting Hours Now

Are you tired of eating cold pizza because the delivery driver can not find your house?

Maybe you should try making your house number a little more visible from the street.

Yep, I think that should do the trick!

Is that hilarious or what? That really is their house number. It matches the numbers on the porch post.

We are counting down the hours to departure time. We leave Pensacola in the afternoon tomorrow and then take the overnight flight out of Atlanta. We always try to plan a couple of days of down time before international trips but it never seems to work. We are normally floundering around at the last minute feeling like we are forgetting 47 important things.

This time it worked. Although last week and up until Monday morning was a total sprint, all of that work enabled us to relax yesterday (Tuesday) and today. I feel more emotionally and spiritually ready for this trip than I have in times past. Of course the fact that I am only scheduled to preach a few times instead of 10 times is probably helping with that.

Monday evening we met Bro. and Sis. Deane and Bro. Howard and Sis. Glenda for supper at Cheddar's.

We had a wonderful meal and fabulous fellowship. It capped off a great day. We appreciate the invitation and Bro. Howard and Sis. Glenda buying our meal.

I also appreciate Odie taking a little time to blog last night. I was under the weather pretty badly yesterday afternoon and evening. I woke up feeling better this morning, praise God. I think it might have been the malaria medicine that we began taking a few days ago. Any way, I think I will live.

You will probably hear from me once or twice Thursday and then Odie will probably take over the blog while we are gone. I will post from Nigeria if I can. It all depends on if dependable WiFi can be found.

God bless you all.


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