Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday October 5, 2013

As is the tradition when we are at Tanner Williams for Homecoming, Saturday evening is spent at Catfish Point with Bro. and Sis. Williamson and their daughter and son in law Rachel and Kevin Collins. Rachel and Kevin live in Oklahoma and try to come in each year for Homecoming. We are always glad when they can make it when it is our year to be here.

The catfish was grade A #1! I had the grilled catfish with a sweet tater and Kelly Jo and Odie split and steamed shrimp platter. It was all good and the fellowship was even better. We love visiting with the Apostle and his family so much. There is always something to learn from a person that has been in the ministry as long as Bro. Donnie has and he always has a humorous way to tell it. It was a great evening. Have we mentioned we love these folks?

God has certainly blessed us with great friends and it seems he has abundantly blessed us with friends in this area of the country. Thank God He has placed so many people in our lives to care for us, pray for us, disciple us and correct us. May God bless you, friends.

Do you notice the sunshine in the pictures above? The storm has weakened and is floundering around in the gulf. They tell me that can be terrible when the weather is hot and the water is warm but it looks like it will keep getting weaker. We are very thankful for that and praying the trend continues.

Sunday is going to be a busy day. In fact we will start running in the morning and hope to slow down sometime after church on Wednesday. It is going to be one of those weeks that looks better on paper than it does in real life. 

We will have Homecoming service at 10:30 and then the big Homecoming dinner. After dinner we will go back into the church and sing for a while. When it is all over we are supposed to drive to Cedar Creek and preach for Bro. Templeton Sunday evening. They are having a meal after that service too.

Monday we will try to get an early start toward Houston. I have an appointment to have the Aqua-Hot worked on Monday evening just east of Houston. I also have an appointment scheduled at Prevost Houston at 10:00 Tuesday morning to chase an air leak that is getting worse. We begin revival north of Houston near Livingston, Texas Wednesday night. I may sleep late Thursday!

Pastor Spencer in California says "No rest for the wicked and the righteous don't need any." I always tell him I think it is pretty funny but the way I plan things sometimes it looks like I believe it. We had hoped to drive Monday and rest Tuesday but when the BoggsMobile needs something done I need to take time to do it. Especially since I can not get it worked on just any where. I sure do not want to be broke down along side the road if I can help it.

God bless you all. I hope you have a great Sunday.


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