Thursday, October 24, 2013

Travel Day

We are parked in a parking lot near Bass Pro just east of Mobile, Alabama. It has been a long, long day. I must be a wimp. 

We left Pine Prairie, Louisiana about 8:30 Thursday morning. We would have left earlier but I did not do any of the prep work Wednesday so there was a lot to do before we could crank the bus. 

I had to disconect and roll up four water hoses and put them in their place. Then I unhooked the hose for the gray water drain and put it away. 

Then I fetched Odie's power scooter from the church and loaded both chairs in the Green Machine. After that I hooked the Green Machine to the bus and then it was time to crank the bus. 

While it was warming up I unhooked all the electrical cord, put it all away and visited with Bro. Gautreaux a few minutes. It is always a little sad to leave friends and family but it was time to go. 

Traffic seemed thick for Thursday but we had a bright point in our travels today. We stopped in Mississippi for diesel and got it for $3.57 a gallon. 

That is 25-50 cents cheaper than I have been paying and that put a smile on my face. I still put in over $500 but that's much better than it could have been. 

We arrived in Richton, Mississippi about 2:00 PM. It took us over an hour to hook up the church van to the tent trailer, bring it around to the parking lot, hook the trailer to the bus and the load the car in the trailer. 

Whew! I was ready for a nap but no time for napping. We had to roll on down the highway. 

It has been five weeks since I have pulled the tent trailer with the BoggsMobile. It has been a joy to only pull the little Green Machine during that time. I remembered just how joyous when I hit traffic this afternoon. 

We hit Mobile at rush hour but it was not too bad. I take it very easy when pulling the trailer through cities so I probably slow more people down than rush hour does.

By the time we were on the east side of Mobile Bay I was frazzled and wore out. We walked into Bass Pro to relax and to pick up a new vest (My blue Big Dog vest has went over the rainbow to see Dorothy and Toto.)

We asked Bass Pro and Penney's if we were ok to park overnight. They both said we could so I hope we make it through the night without a knock on the door.   

We are only about 90 minutes away from Beams of Light Church so we will finish up in the morning by God's Grace. 

God bless you all. 


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