Friday, October 25, 2013

Travel and Work Day

We had a peaceful night in the Penney's/Bass Pro parking lot. Kelly Jo did put a note on the bus door letting the police know we had permission from the manager to park there. That may have prevented a knock on the door in the middle of the night.

Friday was a lot shorter on travel than Thursday was but quite a bit longer on work. We pulled out about 8:30 and we were pulling into Beams of Light Holiness Church about 2 hours later. It does take a bit of finagling to park the trailer here but all of it went pretty easy. When it is time to leave I think I can hook on and get out without too much problem.

While I was pulling out hoses, brushes and the ladder Kelly Jo was preparing a bite to eat. After a great lunch she jumped in and helped me give the BoggsMobile a good washing. It usually takes me about 40 minutes to get everything out, wash the bugs off the front and rinse and brush all of the stainless on the bus and put everything back up. If I include the upper part and the wheels and tires it takes about an hour total.

Today we worked about 3 and 1/2 hours including a little break thrown in for good measure. I climbed the ladder and washed the BoggsMobile from the air conditioners down to the concrete. I scrubbed it as good as I could and it looks pretty nice.

I wanted to scrub it real good because the BoggsMobile is going in for some paint work Monday morning. Jake Parkerson and his crew will be doing the work. Jake repaired the damage caused by hail to the roof of the bus back in 2011. 

We are now having some clear coat issues in several places...

And some bubbling issues around the rivets where the stainless and sheet metal meet.

Both of these things need to be addressed before they become major issues. The bus was built in early 1995 so most of the paint job is over 18 years old. The original owner had some of it repainted in 1997 at Prevost's expense but I do not think that any of this is related to that. It is just an old paint job that needs some work.

Bro. Jake should be finished with the BoggsMobile when we get back from Nigeria. Since I am taking it in Monday morning we need to be completely moved out including all of our stuff for Nigeria. It is a logistical nightmare to pull it all together but Kelly Jo has it all under control.

More work tomorrow and then church here at Beams of Light Sunday.

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