Saturday, October 5, 2013

Revival In Pictures - Tanner Williams Holiness Church

We have had a wonderful week at Tanner Williams Holiness Church. Friday night was the last night of revival but we will be here for Homecoming Sunday. You think I am going to preach all week and leave before the big Homecoming meal? Are you nuts?

We are still keeping a close eye on the weather. Tropical Storm Karen has weakened some and we are hoping she calms down some more. Some are saying the storm could break up altogether and that would not hurt our feelings one bit.

Bro. and Sis. Williamson are some of our very favorite people in the world. We affectionately call them the Apostle and the Epistle. If you know them, then you know what great folks they are. If you do not know them, what are you waiting for? Come on down to Homecoming Sunday, have a great service, get acquainted with great folks and eat and tremendous meal!

They are super people and they have embraced us through the years as friends. They have prayed for us and encouraged us over and over again. They have invited us into their church so many times and we always counted it a great  honor and privilege to be with them and their fine congregation of people.

Tanner Williams church is a very beautiful place to park the BoggsMobile. It can be a little tricky pulling in and backing out but Kelly Jo handles it just fine.

I will allow the pictures to tell the rest of the story. I hope you enjoy them.


The Boiling Pot!

Wonderful Gumbo!

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