Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bro. RG Logan Jr.

We met Bro. RG Logan Jr in the early 2000's while we were pastoring in Wichita, Kansas. He invited us to preach revival for him in 2003. It was our third revival after going on the road and it was the first of many revivals we would preach for him.

Bro. and Sis. Logan have labored for God for many, many years and have been a blessing to a tremendous amount of people. It was always a treat for us to be with them. They were so much fun together.

Bro. Logan has been too sick to pastor the church for a couple of years and has been confined to bed for several months. Sis. Logan has faithfully taken care of her husband every step of the way.

Tuesday evening the struggled ended for Bro. Logan and he slipped out of this place of sorrow. I spoke to Sis. Logan last night and assured her that we would be praying for her, the family and their church. Would you pray for them too?

Although we were in Gainesville last year and were blessed to see Bro. Logan and visit with him we did not take any pictures. This is a picture from a few years ago. 

Bro. Logan was a precious, Godly man and a dear friend. 

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