Friday, October 4, 2013

To Flee or Not to Flee

On The Road Again Newsletter - October 3, 2013

Should we go or should we stay put. That is the question. Revival at Tanner Williams going great and is scheduled through Friday night. The Homecoming service, dinner and singing is supposed to be Sunday morning and afternoon. We are planning to drive about an hour north to preach for Bro. Darius Templeton at Cedar Creek Sunday night.

Tropical Storm Karen may have different ideas. The storm has sustained winds of 65 mph and I believe the threshold for hurricane is 74 mph. That is a little too close for comfort for me.

Although Karen is still several hundred miles away and as unpredictable as any storm of this type, it is projected to strengthen and track right through here. Much of the area from New Orleans to Panama City is under a tropical storm watch. Mobile is under a hurricane watch and right in the projected path of the eye of Karen. It could veer off and miss us by 100 miles but that is the forecast.

That is not good for my nerves at all. Us being in the projected path of a small hurricane is one thing. However, the BoggsMobile being in the projected path of a hurricane is a whole other subject. The bus may be a beast sometimes but it is home. Thankfully our home has wheels and we do not have to stay in the path of the storm.

I know that God can take care of the BoggsMobile as easily as He can take care of this church or any house we may be in but that is why God put wheels on some things. Hopefully He gave me sense enough when to get behind the wheel and drive in the other direction if I need too.

If the forecast stays close to the same as it is now by Friday night then I will consider driving the bus about 90 minutes north and west of here into Mississippi on Saturday. We can drive the Green Machine back for Homecoming service Sunday. I would rather a few folks think I was being overly cautious than to leave the BoggsMobile to the mercy of a hurricane or strong tropical storm.

We would rather the storm dissipate in the gulf and we stay parked right here as planned. But we are getting ready just in case. Thanks for praying for us.


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