Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tent Revival In Pictures - Neosho, Missouri

Yesterday's Post about Ben Isaacs

Thursday and Friday we had two more great services. I certainly give God all of the glory for his help this week. He has been faithful to His people again.

The weather was pretty hot this week but by church time the tent was in the shade and was pretty nice. Thursday night was considerably cooler and Friday night was almost chilly. Of course you never can tell about the weather in Missouri! Lol

We took down everything but the tent and packed it all away after church Friday night. We plan to meet Saturday afternoon and take down the tent and load it in the trailer. That will wrap up tent revival in Neosho, Missouri.

I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.


This is the new building that has been erected on the new land. It will eventually contain the sanctuary, fellowship hall, Sunday School rooms and offices. It is 100x145.

Standing in the front door of the new building looking toward the tent.


  1. Mom said Thanks for the picture of her good looking son! If only we could have been there. Evan

  2. Sure was encouraging to have y'all here this week! Looking forward to the next time you get to come.

  3. Good to see my handsome brother in there;) so thankful that y'all had a good revival! Julie Martin


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