Monday, September 2, 2013

The Isaacs - Odie

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The Isaacs have a new CD out and it includes a song they wrote called  "I Wanna Be There." Ben played a snippet of it for us when we were in the studio recording our new CD. I cried so hard that my eye balls washed out of my head and rolled around on the floor. Wow!

The first verse of "I Wanna Be There"  is about Gordon Mote and the second verse is about Odie. It leaves me in a puddle of tears every time I hear it. It really is that good. The song is awesome.

From the liner notes

Gordon Mote and Odie Boggs

I Wanna Be There written by Jimmy Yeary, Sonya Isaacs, Rebecca Isaacs Bowman

I am sure you can buy the song or whole project on iTunes or you can order the CD HERE.

Odie will have a post in a few days with pictures of a recent service with the Isaacs.

You might be interested in this clip of Odie too.



  1. So true and so glad for Odie...have a blessed day! We love you!Sis. Tammy


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