Friday, September 6, 2013

Temar Boggs - A Hero In Our Family

People make heroes out of the strangest folks. The vilest, immoral, dishonorable, unconscionable, despicable and depraved people are lifted up on the pedestal of fame because they can sing, dance, act, throw a ball or shoot a basket. The raunchier the performance and the lower the morals the better the world likes it although they often feign shock and disgust.

The corrupt stars of today's popular culture are NOT heroes. 

This is what a real hero looks like. This is a real life fifteen year old hero!

Meet Temar Boggs

Some how I missed this story when it was going on in mid-July but I ran across it today. Temar Boggs is a brave young man that did the right thing when it would have been easier to do something less.

It seems he was helping some other young men move a couch for an elderly neighbor when somebody came up looking for a 5 year old girl that had been abducted from her front yard. He and his friends begin to search in the woods and then went looking for little Jocelyn Rojas on their bikes.

They saw a car turn around when approaching a police road block and then weave suspiciously in and out the maze of dead end roads in their neighborhood. He and a friend chased the car for about 15 minutes while the driver tried in vain to find a through street to escape. Finally the kidnapper/predator in the car pushed the child out and sped away.

The girl ran to Temar Boggs and ask for her mother. He picked her up and carried her to the police where she was united with her family. She felt so safe in his arms that she did not want to be handed to the policeman until Temar told her it was OK. 

Temar is being hailed as a hero and he should be. He probably saved Jocelyn's life and saved her family from a lot of heartbreak. 

There have been scholarship funds set up for Temar Boggs and his friend that chased the car with him. You can Google his name and find out more information if you are so inclined.

It makes me want to go out and do something extraordinarily nice for somebody in order to live up to the Boggs name. Temar has set the standard high! Good going, Temar Boggs. I am honored to have you in the Boggs family!


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  1. Wow! What a awesome story! He defiantly was a brave young man! Julie Martin


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