Saturday, September 7, 2013

Travel Day and Tent Set Up

Travel Day and Tent Set Up

Those two phrases should be mutually exclusive. You should never hear me speak those two phrases in the same sentence when talking about the same day. 

Some one should smack me when I try to actually DO both on the same day. 

Nobody smacked me so we traveled about 5 hours then rushed right into setting up the tent. That makes for a long day. 

After a late night we rolled out of bed at 5:20 and rolled out of Blanchard about 6:20 this morning. We pulled into the RV Park in Neosho about 11:45 or so. 

Pastor Link pulled the tent trailer to the tent revival site at 1:00 and we finally finished everything about 5:30. 

It was a long hot set up but we had plenty of help. We took several breaks,  drank lots of water and survived the heat.  Kelly Jo and I are drained tonight though. 

We are preaching at Bro. Link's in the morning and then begin revival under the tent tomorrow night. We are expecting things from God. Pray for us. 


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