Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Passing the Chips Along!

Wow! Great service last night under the tent in Richton, Mississippi. God spoke to our hearts and met with us in a mighty, mighty way. I guess you will have to trust me on this one if you were not there but the altar service was simply outstanding! Praise God.

We sure appreciate all the visitors that have been coming. Pastor Kenny Morris and several folks from his church in Ellisville were in attendance. I appreciate them making a special effort to be with us in tent revival. They are always a great help. Bro. Kenny and Bro. Scott working together will just about preach a preacher to death and they are some of the best altar workers I have ever seen.

We are looking for more great things tonight.

You may remember that back in August when we were home for Dryden Rd. fellowship meeting that the Hisle's brought some of our favorite Herr's chips. They came bearing precious gifts for the Boggs family. They loved us enough to bring us four bags of Horseradish & Cheddar potato chips from their home town of New Castle, Indiana.

They are true friends!

Well if you desire friends then you ought to be a friend, right? We could not receive such a great blessing and then keep that blessing all to ourselves. We decided to place a portion of that blessing into the ministry. Sis. Galiher loves Herr's Horseradish & Cheddar chips so we gave her one of the bags. That's right. 10% is not good enough for the Galiher's so we gave them 25% of out bounty. They are great people and we are glad we were able to do it!

Well, the Galiher's are generous people too. Rather than keep their one bag to themselves they shared their tremendous blessing with their church folks at the Junction Hill Pentecostal Church Labor Day picnic. I will never understand the will power and self control that Sis. G exercised on their long trip back to Missouri. She must have put those precious chips in the back where she could not get to them. 

She sacrifice so that she might share with friends. They sent the pictures to prove it.

Bro. Riggs

Sis. Riggs

And even Bro. A.E.

I expected to see a picture Hank the church dog with a paw full of Herr's Horseradish & Cheddar Chips. I am sure that with a nose like Hank's the horseradish would be even better!

I do not know how they refused those puppy dog eyes but they said, "Even sharing can be taken too far."

Yes, I suppose there are limits to generosity.

I hope you have a great day.



  1. Those chips were really good! I usually don't like horseradish but the chips were very tasty (and spicy) without being overwhelming. You'all and Sister Brenda are such generous souls!
    On another note...I think you made "blogdom" history by having two icons of JHPC on one blog post...Brother AE and Hank!

    God Bless!

  2. So glad you liked the chips. It was such a great chain of sacrifice. It would be terrible if it was all in vain.

    Hank is dog of such great character. Maybe he is Bro. A. E in disguise!



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