Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The New Church In Nigeria Is Complete!

I have posted several times about the crusade in Abeokuta last December and the work that God performed in lives those few days. THIS is a link to a post that summed it all up in April. You can read that post and the posts linked there if you need to be brought up to date.

As of last Friday the church is complete! Bro. Shobanke sent me six pictures by email and I want everybody to see the beautiful church.


Isn't that awesome? Many churches and individuals helped bear the expense of completing this new church. I am so thankful that many of you helped Boggs Family Ministries give a pretty large portion of the cost. Praise God for His help. It is amazing that a church has been raised up at the edge of Abeokuta and that souls are already being saved and discipled on Osara Rd.

Now they have a nice church to worship in! Praise God!

Bro. Shobanke has asked me to dedicate this new church and I would absolutely love to do it. I am honored that he would even ask. At first glance it looked impossible to fit even a quick trip to Nigeria into our schedule. After a little pondering and a little changing we now have the time for Kelly Jo and I to go over for a few days but the finances are still a huge obstacle.

We already have mission trip planned to preach tent revival for Bro. Larry Landress/Holiness In Mexico in state of Chiapas, Mexico in December. That trip is set in stone and we are committed to that. We are looking forward to being with Bro. and Sis. Landress and preaching under the tent in Mexico.

When I told Kelly Jo about Bro. Shobanke's invitation she said we probably needed to go there too and if so then God would provide the money. What a woman! It is a tremendous blessing to have a wife willing to stand with me in faith. Praise God for that too.

The final decision needs to be made this week because the visa application/purchase process is long and complicated for Nigeria and must be completed before the airline tickets are reserved. Honestly it is impossible but we are used to God pointing us in impossible directions and then making the way after we have committed to the task.

That may be what God is doing this time. Will you help us pray about it? 

God bless you all.


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