Monday, September 9, 2013

Visit With The Isaacs

Hey, it Is Odie here today. I had the wonderful privilege to see the Isaacs in concert recently. It was a wonderful day of fellowship with family and great singing. 

We were able to visit with them while they setup their equipment. Then we heard a mini concert during sound check. Sonya even had Mom come sing backup on a Why Can't We

Sound check is alway laid back and fun, at least for us. I am sure it is a lot if work for them. 

A highlight of the "mini concert," was the song I Want To Be There. It was so beautiful.  I was in tears. 

The promoter, Miss Shirley was very nice. She made sure I had a front row seat. 

I enjoy going to Isaacs concerts and meeting new friends/Isaacs fans. Taylor sat beside me and we had a great time visiting and waiting for the fun to begin. 

The church quickly filled!!  It is obvious the Isaacs are well loved. 

Rachel, Jenny, Laura and Kelly came from Wichita, Kansas to be in the concert with me. I'm glad they could join me. I think they all had a wonderful time. Kelly snapped this picture right before the singing started. 

When 6:00 PM came around the Isaacs kicked it off with Walk On. The singing was absolutely off the charts amazing!!!
They featured different songs mostly from their Big Sky, Naturally,Why Can't We, and The Living Years projects. 

They sang for almost 2 hours and I enjoyed every second of it!!!  The evening ended with an encore song He Ain't Never Done Me Nothing But Good

One highlight of the night was when Cameron Isaacs sang What a Day That Will Be and Levi Bowman sang Walking Down The Road. The musical talent has definitely carried to the next generation. 
Sonya's little boy Ayden James Yeary is always a big hit too. 

I met a sweet lady named Kristy at the concert. She almost rivals me for the #1 Isaacs fan position. But I'm not giving up my spot!!! LOL. That was her 10th Isaacs concert this year. She found this old album cover on ebay.  Now she has it autographed. 

Aunt Lily loves to meet follow Christians who are Jews converted to Christianity. She says they have to win them one Jew at a time. She met this gentlemen that night. 

Well it was a wonderful day!!! I am already trying to figure out the next time I get to be with them. 


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