Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Benji and Laura Burris and Family

God was especially good to some of our dear friends Monday morning. Bro. Benji and Sis. Laura Burris and their four children were travelling from California to Virginia. They had stopped for church Sunday at Desert Cove Assembly in El Mirage, Arizona. They left the Phoenix area early Monday morning and started climbing toward Flagstaff on I-17.

About 20 miles south of Flagstaff an 18 wheeler going the other direction lost a set of dual wheels. The wheels crossed the median and came out of the tall grass headed straight for the Burris family. Bro. Benji swerved but could not move out of the way in time.

The wheels struck their Excursion squarely on the back wheel and then demolished the camper they were pulling behind them. The wheels were moving with such speed that if they had hit their vehicle in the back doors their weight and velocity probably would have propelled the wheels through the truck killing or severely injuring everybody in the back. 

In fact if they had hit any where other than where they did, things would have been drastically different. It could have caused Bro. Benji to lose control and go completely off the road. In fact the possibilities for catastrophe are way more numerous than good outcomes except for the hand of the Lord. Praise God for His protection.

We have been thanking God all day for his help and blessing in this accident. The trailer is a total loss and the truck is damaged but things and stuff can be replaced. The Burris family is irreplaceable!

Here is the only picture I have seen and a few pictures of their family when we were in California in July.

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