Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Tent Is Down

Tent Revival Pictures

Ben Isaacs - Producer of The Year

Today the tent came down in Neosho. The sun was shining, the temperature was pleasant and we had lots of help. I can not ask for much more than that. Bro. Link pulled the trailer back to the RV Park when we were loaded up and then I finished getting it all ready to go.

We have enjoyed our time in Neosho but it is time to move on down the road. I sure appreciate Pastor James Link and his church for inviting us to come. I am sure we will be back again by God's grace. There are pictures from today down below.

Have you been reading about the flooding in Colorado? Let's pray for the folks affected by that. We spent a few days in that area on our way to Montana in 2010 and were awed by the beauty of the Big Thompson River Canyon. We fell in love with that place. It was one of the prettiest drives we have taken.

It was a little disturbing though. We saw the signs every where instructing us to climb to higher ground in case of flooding and it made us curious and a little cautious. I  googled it and read about the flash flood in 1976 that killed 145 people and it has stayed with me since then. I blogged about that trip HERE

As soon as I heard about the flash flooding in Boulder I began to pray for all the residents and visitors in Big Thomson River Canyon. There is literally no place to go in order to escape but up the walls of the canyon. There are still people stranded and unaccounted for there and in several other places. God help them.

God bless you all. I hope you have a great Sunday.


The BoggsMobile in the city RV Park in Neosho, Missouri.
The tent is about to come down.

Now it is gone.

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