Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tabernacle Outreach Meeting - Blanchard Oklahoma


We are preaching a Tabernacle Outreach meeting this week with the Blanchard Trinity Holiness Church. It is great to be back with Pastor Lendel Birdsong and his church. We are reaching out to their community and we are expecting God to bring folks in. Bro. Lendel and Sis. Cindy are super folks and we are excited about working with them this week.

We arrived Monday afternoon and with help from some of the church folks the chairs were set up in just a few minutes. I could get used to setting up under a tabernacle. It sure is a whole lot easier than setting up the tent and all that goes with it.

Here are the chairs stacked and strapped in the trailer.

And now they are ready to go.

The tabernacle is on a beautiful piece of property in town, along the main highway and right across the street from the church. The Blanchard Campmeeting was held on these grounds for many decades. The campmeeting moved a few miles south of town and built new facilities several years ago and the Blanchard church bought these grounds.

I am not sure what year all of that took place but I know we were living in Wichita so it was some where around  1999-2000. The old tabernacle and the bathroom building are the only buildings that remain. The grounds take up the whole city block and look like a park. It is really nice.

Here are a few pictures pictures of these beautiful grounds and the tabernacle.

I had to throw this one in for Bro. Kim and Sis. Laura Meyers. This is one of their grandchildren, Ella.

Revival began tonight with a good crowd under the tabernacle and also in the neighborhood. Hallelujah! We are expecting it to build each night. Pray that God will help me to reach out with the Gospel to those that need it desperately in this community. I believe He will help!


Ready to Go!

Gathering in...


  1. There are some really cute kids on this post! The mammas don't look too bad either. Hope you all have a great revival.

  2. Looks really nice!! Love you guys!!


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