Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Tent is Down and Travel Day

Last Night of Tent Revival In Richton, Mississippi

The folks from Richton showed up at 1:00 and the tent was down, packed up and strapped in the trailer in less than an hour. The tent was mostly dry, the sun was shining and everybody worked hard. That makes everything smooth as the tent comes down.

I sure appreciate Bro. Scott and his folks working so hard to make tent revival a success in their community. It requires commitment to pray, fast, witness, worship, give and many other things in order for tent revival to be what it needs to be. And a lot of the success comes down to hard, sweaty work. God bless you all for doing it!


After the tent was down and packed in the trailer we pulled it to the church with the church van. The trailer will stay in Richton and we will pick it up as we pass through in four weeks from Louisiana to Pensacola.

Then Bro. Scott helped me negotiate the BoggsMobile out of the exit from the parking lot and we were on our way to Ellisville, Mississippi. We sure hated to leave our friends.

We arrived at Ellisville and there were some cars parked in front of where we normally park. This is normally one of the easiest places we park the BoggsMobile. It was easy today too. Rather than find the drivers and move the cars, Kelly Jo parallel parked that 45 foot bus! She did it with very little clearance and put it right between the porch and those cars with no problem at all! Kelly Jo is good!

We are supposed to preach here tomorrow morning for Pastor Kenny Morris and his great group of folks and then we will hurry down to Tanner Williams Holiness Church near Mobile to start Homecoming revival for the Apostle Donald C. Williamson Sunday night.

We are looking forward to a great day!

I felt like somebody was watching me when we arrived in Ellisville and I turned around real quick and snapped this picture. Who is that masked man?

I hope you have a blessed Sunday.


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