Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trailer Tire Update

The new tires are on the trailer and it should be ready to roll for many miles. Six good Firestone Load Range E tires were $1135.

There was no way to pull the trailer through all the low trees to the tire place so we removed the tires and took them to the store.

Bro. Jack and Bro. Tom from the Tunnel Hill Church already had the trailer in the shop where they work to fix a corner that needed repair. We took all six tires off in their shop (With Bro. Jack's help and ingenuity) and loaded them in his truck.

We arrived at the tire shop and less than 25 minutes later the tires were mounted, balanced and loaded back in the truck.

Bro. Caleb and Bro. Colton helped me put them back on the trailer and before I knew it the job was finished. It sure was nice to have a concrete floor, a good jack and air tools. That really made it much easier than it could have been.

I hated to replace all six tires at this time but once we removed them it was obvious I was making the right decision. They were in pretty bad shape. It looked like at least a couple more of them were separating so we were just a few miles from a major problem or even catastrophe.

As I mentioned the other day, God knows what He is doing when I do not have a clue. And you know what else occurred to me? God is under no obligation to keep me informed! He wants me to trust Him.

I do not know how, but God will work it all out! Amen!

We continue to have great services under the tent in Owensburg, Indiana. The weather man is saying there is 70% chance of storms at church time tonight. We are asking God for a space of time to have church but God's will be done.

Thanks for praying.


Bro. Jack and Bro. Tom


  1. I often find myself coming to your blogg and reading what you guys have posted. I have never seen you in person, or really heard much about you. I just stumbled upon your blog one day while trying to search for "Beams of Light Holiness Church." However something you said in today's blog lifted my spirit. "God is under no obligation to keep me informed! He wants me to trust Him." WOW. I have made the decision to quit my job and start teaching at a Christian School. This is a scary step for me, and I know I need to trust God. It is like you said he is not obligated to keep me informed of what is doing!! I know God is going to work it out. Finally I really enjoy reading your post and all the stories of how God is using you and working in your life.

  2. Thank you, Andrew. I added that statement on my final edit. I knew that was going to speak to somebody. That is a concept I am both preaching AND learning! God bless you as you trust Him with your life.



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