Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anchor of Hope - Revival in Pictures

The naming process for our new ride is going well. You all are doing great and keeping it interesting and entertaining. Ease over HERE and join the discussion. We love hearing your ideas.

 I spent several hours today having an air leak fixed. It was only leaking when I was parked and trying to level but I do not want to re-live this day anytime soon. Today was an expensive morning but that is a whole lot better than a roadside break down.

We had another wonderful revival at Anchor of Hope near Lebanon, Ohio this week. We were blessed to have Bro. Shobanke with us two nights and we are very thankful for that. Each night of revival was good and Wednesday topped it off with a great move of God.

We appreciate Pastor Bill Lamb and his folks being so kind to us. As usual in these "Revival in Pictures" posts I will let the pictures tell the story. No way to get pictures of everybody but I hope you enjoy these...


Bro. Shobanke and Pastor Bill Lamb

Pastor E.J. Lamb, Davy and Bro. Shobanke

Kelly's Dad and my Mother trying to see if their Bibles take pictures like Kelly Jo's

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  1. Bro Davey and Sis Kelly I am so sad I didnt make it to your revival and I told you we would be there. I didnt mean to story to you I promise. I thought it was all week and was planning to come Monday and I think I told you everyone chickened out on me cause of the storm and then I thought we were coming Tues. Well I ended up not being able to come Tues and of course we had church wed. But I was praying for you all.

    We were thinking about you all tonight Wendal and I went to Acuapolco (spelling???) and I got the California Burrito and man it was awesome, but I couldnt eat it all. I loved the pinapple on it. Wendal had me take a picture and he wanted me to send it to you all but I dont know how to get it to you :) Well hope you all are doing well and find a name for your new car. I sure see it coming a mile away. We passed you all a couple times. :) Take care and know we are praying for you all. Love and prayers Wendal and Crystal


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