Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What's In A Name?

Wow! You all really participated well and came up with some great names. I don't think we have ever had so many comments on a post. I could get used to that. 

Thanks for all your help. We have quite a variety of names to consider. I listed several in the original post and then we thought of several more just after the post went live.  It took a while but I think you all came up with nearly every additional name that we did. Two names that we had thought of previously were finally added to the list by Gran and Sarah Collins. They were Wile E. Coyote and the Green Hornet. 

It is amazing to watch great minds at work.  You all are hilarious!  The BoggsMobile's Liitle Booger?  Kermit the Hulking Booger?  Kermit the Hulk?  The Green Giant Mobile?  The Green Gospel Gangsta?  Sweet Pea?  Pea Shooter?  Chilli Relleno?  

Man, you guys are awesome and these are just a sample or your hilarious brilliance! We have laughed our heads off. 

We have noticed in reading these that America has a fascination with green super heroes and characters... The Gecko 
The Green Lantern 
The Green Giant 
The Green Hornet 
The Incredible Hulk 

There are a few green characters that were not mentioned  in the comments like... 
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
Larry Boy the Cucumber 
The Grinch 

Who knew there were so many green characters? That is pretty funny in itself! 

There are so many names we like that is hard to narrow down the list. 

We want the name to be concise, clever and it must roll off the tongue easily. It must also feel natural to us. 

-Pickle fits perfectly but we already have one Pickle in the family: Odie Podie Pickle Hymer Schmidt and she is often called Pickle or Pepino.  

-Mr. Green Jeans, Sweet Pea, June Bug, Zion's Scion, Emmy, Mellon, The Hulk and many others are clever and concise but none of them feel really good to us.  

-Goober, The Slime, Booger and the rest are out of the question according to KJ. 

We like several of the green characters especially The Green Hornet, The Green Lantern and the Gecko but we have ultimately rejected each of them for one reason or another although I was pretty fond of changing Odie's name to Kato as Jason suggested. lol

As for Mexican food we liked the ideas of Chili Relleno, Guacamole and JalapeƱo but they are not easily shortened except for Guac and that doesn't past KJ's sound test.  

-Boggs Frog definitely meets the criteria. Plus when you pull a vehicle behind a motor home it is commonly referred to as the towed car or "toad" for short.  

-Sci-Fi meets all the criteria and KJ loves X minus 1 and Dimension X on old time radio.  

-Wile E. Coyote is one we have talked about quite a bit. We had often joked of painting him on Mr. Cheap Jeep so that he would be perpetually chasing the Road Runner on the side of the BoggsMobile.  We can imagine ourselves calling the Scion "Coyote" which kind of sincs with Odie. "Odie, get in the Coyote!" 

There are two others that we like that didn't show up in the comments. 

The Green Machine really rolls off the tongue easily.  Several people who have seen us in the car have remarked about our new little Green Machine.  

Another one that KJ likes really well is Greengo. You know how we love Mexican food and our many hispanic friends. Greengo is a play on words with Gringo which we are and a green car that goes.  

That's where we are in the naming process. Let us know what you think of our short list and feel free to suggest more names.   

The little thing is certainly a gas saver. We have checked two tanks for mileage. The first was in-town driving and the second was all interstate at over 70 mph. They both came in at a little over 31 MPG. We love that. We will check a few more tanks and let you know the results.  

Thanks for reading.  



  1. Looks like you have several good names to choose from.

    I never made my ideas public, but I like "OliveR".


  2. Thanks, Tommy. We considered Olive especially since we love Great Value Colossal Queen green olives with pimento inside! Also Olive has always been our favorite reindeer even though he or she was somewhat of a bully. "Olive the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names.."


  3. Davy,
    You write very well, entertaining and informative.
    You should hit the road and start a blog.
    Always proud of you and your'n.
    Additionally, a Scion is an heir or descendant,
    It can also be the part that's grafted in, I think.
    That's kinda neat. Maybe that will give someone
    an idea. Gentile Giant. Green Goyim. My favorite
    is Greenpeace, you know, chasing that whale.
    Shalom for short?
    Well, obviously, I must be off.

    1. Thank you, Bubba. That means much to me. Great ideas too!


  4. Since it saves money on gas and it is pulled at the back of the bus, you should name it "Greenback"!

  5. What about the Green Sardine?????

  6. You guys are having way too much fun with this VERY serious business of naming a new rigg...My shorty short list:

    1) The Greengo (I like the play on words)
    2) Boggs Frog (not toadally awesome but good)


  7. What about the Green Bean, or Green Bug. haha

  8. You guys are doing good and cracking me up!

  9. Has anyone mentioned "The Croc" as in Crocodile or "Al" as in Alligator? How bout "Deere" ala John Deere? "The Leper".....Leprechaun?

    1. Kelly Jo and I talked about Alligators and I meant to mention Leprechans in the list of green characters. John Deere hasn't been a pleasant topic of conversation since I bought some John Deere suspenders severel years ago. I loved them but KJ not so much. Lol


  10. It does favor those green pigs on the angry birds game!

  11. I think it is time to forget about it being green and go back to the old time radio theme. You should name it "The Shadow" or "Shadow" for short. Just look at it. The dark tinted windows and the sleek look. It just looks like a cool detective vehicle, and it is always lurking in the shadow of the BoggMoblie.

    But, if you don't want to go with the old time radio theme, there is always the Scooby-Doo van, "The Mystery Machine"!

    But I like the otr theme better.

  12. Well, Kari's vote is the Green Machine. Kari called it that all night last night.

    Honestly, there are too many for me to choose. I'm anxious to hear the winner!!!

  13. 1 more from Bro. JJ Austin: The Bogg's Box!

  14. It is the color of engine coolant. So what about The Chillmobile?

  15. Boxcar Chili. Ingenious, layers on layers.

    On the road again with Boxcar Chili, get
    it a red headband and strap an old guitar
    on it's back. It already has a bus.

  16. Blimpie; Wally; Sprout; I don't know why but it reminds me of the Blimpie sub shops down here in the south. JCI

  17. BLIMPIE!!! (Blim-pea)

  18. You take the amusing and make it hilarious. I loved the comment, it already has a bus...now that's funny.

  19. Go for the OTR sci-fi sounding names - Scion-X, Galactic, or KJX1.


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