Thursday, May 3, 2012

Good Mexican Food - Acapulco, Ohio!

Our first day home we had some business to take care of so we stopped at Acapulco in Lebanon for lunch and it was great as usual. We are always surprised how good this place is. In our opinion good Mexican Restaurants east of the Mississippi are very hard to find. This place caught our attention on our first visit few years ago with the salsa. It is literally good enough to drink.

The salsa kept us coming back even though we thought the food was just average. We even recommended the place to others because of the salsa. We are only in our home area 2-3 times a year so we didn't go often but we would try to get by at least once while in the area.

We noticed after 5-6 visits over a year and a half or so that we were liking the food better. Either the food was actually getting better or we were just getting used to mediocrity. If that was the only Mexican food we were eating then I might concede that we were just getting used to bad food with great salsa.

But we were still eating great Mexican food in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Texas and Arizona. We were still finding new Mexican places in those areas and other cities and states. We were still enjoying wonderful Mexican food but every time we returned to Acapulco we were liking it more than before. After 3-4 years, I still think it is getting better.

The fajitas are good, the enchiladas are good, the burritos are good, the chips are good and the salsa is still absolutely, positively scrumptious! While we were home in December I discovered the California Burrito at Acapulco. You might remember that it was a frequent picture in this Post.

And here it is again along with Kelly Jo and her Fajitas.....

And here it is again our second day home (Wednesday) along with Kelly Jo's Taco Salad.

I hope you enjoy the pictures! It sure is good to be preaching close to home....



  1. Where is the shrimp on the California Burrito?

    PLUS...I can't believe you leave off the pineapple...that makes it!

  2. I order the shrimp and pineapple on the side...
    Why? Three reasons....
    1. They bring more when you order them on the side.
    2. I eat the pineapple by itself rather than in the burrito. I like it better that way.
    3. Shrimp in Mexican restaurants is usually fishy and once its inside the whole burrito is fishy.



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