Friday, May 4, 2012

Corwin Pentecostal Church, Waynesville, Ohio

We have been having a great time at Corwin Pentecostal Church. I was raised a mile from this church in the house where my parents still live. I attended this church for Children's Church as a kid and Sunday School as a teenager and for lots of revival services but this is my first revival to preach here. I am loving it.

It is a great honor to preach so close to home but it is a double edged sword. Preaching to all these folks that have known me all my life is a blessing but they also know every misstep, mistake, and mess up we have every made. Yet they have also witnessed the grace of God working in our lives so it all balances out. They know who we are and where we have been and can plainly see what God has done better than most others.

Last night was a very good service with good response to our singing and the preaching. I am expecting to hear testimonies of God doing the miraculous in lives last night.

We are also getting to see friends that we have not seen in many years. We have been so busy visiting that we have neglected to take very many pictures. I will post the few we have and try to do better today and tomorrow.

Please pray for the services tonight and Saturday. I am praying for some friends from my youth to come and be touched by God in this revival. Some have promised to attend and I want God to saturate them with His presence. I appreciate your prayers to God for us.

Have a great day.... We are off to my parents for a BIG breakfast type meal for lunch and then we hope to visit with Kelly Jo's parents some before church.

God bless,


Pastor Acy Lamb

I did snap a few pictures at lunch on Thursday. Recognize this?

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  1. We just wanted to say it has been such a BLESSING having you all with us. the week is going way to fast as it usually does. You all dont even realize how we have needed what you have brought us. God sure knows what he is doing. I mean just like you sing He's an on time God yes he is. He know when and how. Thank you all for obeying the Lord and bringing us the wonderful singing and my what preaching. We so appreciate it. We just cant explian what a blessing you all are. Thank you thank you thank you. We love you all. God bless you. Wendal and Crystal Lamb


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