Monday, May 28, 2012

Paducah, Kentucky to Owensburg, Indiana

I was a little overwhelmed with all that needed to be done the last day in Paducah. Blogging took a back seat so I need to catch you up on the news. 

We had a great crowdFriday night and another wonderful service. It was great the way the folks jumped in and had church every night. It sure makes it easier on us when it's like that. 

We had plenty of help taking down the tent and packing it all in the trailer. After a few hours sleep we drove about 5 1/2 hours to Owensburg, Indiana. I am always a little apprehensive with the whole rig going down the road but all went well. 

The tent setup in Owensburg went really well too. I will try to post pictures of that tomorrow if our phone service cooperates. 

The first service of tent revival Sunday night in Owensburg was super. The church began to worship the Lord from the first song and responded well the whole service. We are set up right in town and we had several listening in the neighborhood that folks could see and we also had good reports of sound carrying all over town. 

We are looking for great things from the Lord this week. The Tunnel Hill church is really under a burden for this community. They have been praying and fasting and spreading flyers and invitations all over town. It will not surprise me when God reaches and saves several of these folks in this town. Please pray for this meeting.

I have one thing to say about having tent revivals in consecutive weeks in different cities and states. The guy that schedules these back to back ought to be shot. I can't believe how stupid I... I mean he can be sometimes.  It all must have looked good on paper months ago. Taking the tent down on Friday night and then putting it back up on Saturday after traveling must be pure nuts. I amaze myself sometimes. 

Here are a few more pictures from Paducah. 


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  1. Anybody that has that kind of a schedule and can stick to it should be campaigning for president!

    DB for Prez!

    Hope you're having a memorial Memorial Day!


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