Sunday, May 6, 2012

Revival in Pictures - Corwin Pentecostal Church

This has been a great revival. God has been so near and we give Him all the glory and honor for it. The folks at Corwin responded so well to the singing and preaching and moving of God's Spirit. Praise God for His blessings.

We appreciate all the kindness and hospitality. Pastor Acy Lamb and his folks treated us wonderfully and we enjoyed every moment of it! Thank you all for receiving us with open arms.

We are supposed to start revival this morning at Anchor of Hope in Lebanon. It is not too far from where we are parked at Dodds but we will probably move the BoggsMobile down there this afternoon. We really like parking right next to the church where we are preaching.

We have a busy day ahead so I will allow the pictures from Corwin do the rest of the talking..


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  1. Hey there we missed not seeing you all this morning. I was hoping to see you but maybe tonight. :) I hope you all had a wonderful service. We had a good service at Corwin. God is so good. I sure appreciate what He did for us this week. I am thankful for people like you all that come by. We passed you all today we were headed to Lebanon and you all were coming back and Wendal said wonder if they have been at Acapolco. How ever you spell it. :) We love you all. Wendal and Crystal

    Oh P.s. I wanted to tell you one more thing. I have never saw my little girl so interested as she was this week. She has been inspired by you all. See you never know even a small child which she is 11 and she is getting old enough to get serious with the Lord and it may have taken you all to get her to realize that. thank you


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