Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tent Going Up and First Service in Owensburg, Indiana

I mentioned in a previous post that the tent went up well in Owensburg, Indiana. It was not completely without a glitch though. I was not able to park at the tent site because of low hanging trees over the road. I just could not get in.

Pastor Lakes and I regrouped and I parked at the church a few miles away. We loaded everything (Tent, poles, stakes, straps, Bible stand, carpet, lights, cords 200 chairs and a few things I have forgotten) into trucks and an open trailer and took it to the tent site.

It all had to be double handled but with super great help it seemed like no trouble at all. We will have to reverse all of that on Friday night or Saturday morning so that may slow our exit some but God knows.

The first service was good too. It was Hot but not unbearable for most. The people responded good in the prayer line and tarried for a while. God met with us and that is what we desire.

I reminded God under the tent this morning that I have told people every where that they could expect people to be saved, healed and delivered in these tent revivals. He assured me through His Word and testimony of past experience that He would keep His Word.

The pressure of these meetings is much too great for me. I can not save one soul, heal one sick person or set one captive free but I am secure in the steadfast knowledge that God can AND will do these things and more! Praise God!

I am typing this Monday while I have more than a glimpse of phone service. By the time this posts on Tuesday we will have had two services under the tent. I believe God is going to meet us.

It is Very Hot here but it is forecasted to be in the 70's later in the week. It may be downright chilly for service then. A storm front is bringing the cooler temperature.

They certainly need some good rain here but I am praying the wind doesn't blow too strong and we have good weather at church time. Please help us pray.


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