Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Back to the BoggsMobile

We are back in the BoggsMobile! Kelly Jo and I arrived at the BoggsMobile about 10:00 last night (Monday) and it is good to be home. We have rested much, eaten well (of course), laughed, held hands, walked and rested some more. We planned this time off over a year ago and it could not have come at a better time in our lives and schedule. We feel recharged physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I appreciate Odie looking after the blog. She did a great job! Everybody give Odie a great big round of virtual applause! HURRAH! I think she posted about 14 times over the last two weeks proving that it can be done. I know you enjoyed her posts and all the pictures. Thanks, Odie, for stepping up to the plate with all of the wonderful posts. You did a wonderful job!

My dad looked after the BoggsMobile and I appreciate that very much as well. I am always concerned about something going wrong with the bus while we are away from it but I did much better this time. Thanks, Dad, for looking out after everything for me. 

I appreciate Mom and Dad and the rest of our families and church folks for looking after Odie as well. They act like they love having her around and I haven't heard of any bad behavior on Odie's part yet. I don't know if they would even tell me...

The last two weeks have been great but I am ready to climb back in the saddle and ride. In fact I am anxious to get started. We are supposed to crank up revival at Corwin (about 5 minutes from where I sit right now) on Wednesday and I can hardly wait.

Well, its good to be back. God bless you all.



  1. I loved Odie's posts! Glad you both had a great time! So, when will we get to meet the guy you chose for Odie? J/k!

  2. Hundreds and hundreds of interviews...... and ....
    Still looking!


  3. Yay for you being back! But so glad for you all that you had a wonderful time away.:)


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