Thursday, May 17, 2012

Revival in Pictures - Calvary Holiness Church, Brooks, KY

We have enjoyed ourselves so much at Calvary Holiness Church in Brooks, Kentucky! Pastor Doug Webb and his wife are so precious. It is always so refreshing to be around them. May God bless them and their fine folks for their kindness and hospitality.

We plan to pick up the tent trailer Thursday and go on to Paducah to prepare for tent revival. Pray for us that all goes well these next few days.

Hope you enjoy a few pictures... At the bottom of the post you will see some pictures of more special visitors we had during revival.


Kari Noe from Danville, Kentucky brought her mother Ashlee and her brother Malachi to see us Tuesday night in revival. I have mentioned Kari on the blog before and she is just as precious as ever. She is fighting  a fierce battle with Leukemia and she is winning by the grace of God. 

We had a blast visiting with our friends and we are so glad they came to visit. Thank you Sis. Ashlee for making it happen. You can learn more about Ashlee, Kari and Malachi HERE.

Kari calls it the Green Machine...


  1. the webbs are wonderful people! :)

    adriene b.

  2. It was a great service Tues. night. God really came by and helped people. I felt like I really received help. I appreciate the Boggs for obeying God. They are great people of God!!

  3. Many nights with the Boggs family and my kids would be over the top ROTTEN. That banana is hilarious!!

    The service was wonderful and I'm so glad KARI was able to bring us! :)

    Love y'all!


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