Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday (Friday) we took my parents to Acapulco for lunch to celebrate Mother's Day. We plan to be in Brooks, Kentucky on Mother's Day so this was my only chance. We had a wonderful visit with Ma and Pa and the meal was fabulous as usual. I forgot to take any food pictures but I imagine you are about tired of pictures of the California Burrito!

I thank God for my good parents. Eugene and Martha Boggs have been married nearly 49 years and have lived in the same house 40 years this September. They have worked hard to provide the necessities for us and have lived honest lives before us. They did their best to instill good values into the four of us children although I am sure that I didn't make it easy on them.

Mom was saved when I was 3 years old and was faithful to take us to church and to pray with us each night before she went to bed. I fell asleep many, many nights while my Mother was still praying next to my bed or the bed of my brothers or sister. There is no way to calculate the value of that. I am absolutely positive that I am still reaping the fruit of those prayers today. Hallelujah!

These last two weeks Mom and Dad have been in church with us nearly every day. To see them there taking part in the worship with their hands raised and tears on their faces is a wonderful blessing. To hear them saying "Amen" to my preaching and then participating in the altar service thrills my heart. Thank God for my Christian parents!

I love you Papa Bear and Mama Bear! Thanks for everything! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day, Mom! I am so glad I was able to spend some time with you the last two weeks.

Yesterday evening my brother Tommy bought some dry rub ribs for me in Waynesville. This is a picture of a whole slab cut into two pieces. They were so very good!

Tommy had been telling about this walk up place in Waynesville so I was anxious to try it. I love my ribs smoked without ever being cooked in water at all and these definitely fit the bill. He also told me that  these ribs were so meaty that one person couldn't eat a whole slab. He never should have told me that. Lol

Thanks Tommy and Holly for the great food! It was awesome!

Odie has moved back into the BoggsMobile! She stayed at my parents, Kelly Jo's parents and maybe a few other assorted places while Kelly Jo and I were gone and then she stayed with my parents while we were in revivals here in Ohio. We plan to leave today so we moved her back in last night. It is a good break for her and us when she is able to escape for a few days but it is good to have her back on board!

She is hiding, meditating, praying or sleeping behind her magic curtain even as I type this post less than 6 feet away on Saturday morning.... Lol

Have a great weekend and a great Mother's Day! God bless you all...



  1. happy mothersday sis Kelly Jo!!!! love ya!!

    -Adriene belt-

  2. You do have wonderful parents and I'm so blessed to call them family, Deb


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