Friday, June 1, 2012

And It Rained Not!

By Thursday afternoon the forecast was looking pretty bad for having church under the tent. The chance for rain at church time was forecast at 70%.

I sent a text to several friends asking them to pray and in a few minutes the forecast was changed. It went from 70% to 100% chance of thunderstorms at church time and all during church!

Pastor Lakes and I had decided the night before that if it was raining at 6:00 we would move the service to the church. I went to the tent about 1:00 and began to pray.

At 4:39 the heavens opened right on time and boy howdy did it rain! The rain was coming down and the radar was showing rain coming in for hours.

I was still under the tent when the rain stopped at 5:43 and the sky cleared. We set up for church and the Lord touched and moved in a special way in the altar service. It was awesome and God made it possible by stopping the rain.

There is no doubt in my mind that God moved the rain. The forecast after church still was calling for 80% chance of rain and it was raining around us but no rain at the tent. Praise God!

Thanks for praying.


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