Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pastor E. Ade Shobanke, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

It is a wonderful privilege and honor to have Bro. E. Ade Shobanke with us for a few days this week. He is in the states for a few weeks and I was thrilled when I discovered our schedules would connect in Ohio. It is always a joy to be with my good friend from Nigeria.

Bro. Shobanke was preaching in West Harrison, Indiana last Sunday for Pastor Wade Hicks and is preaching for Pastor Mike Allen in Maineville, Ohio on Wednesday. I went down to West Harrison and picked him up Monday morning and he be with us until Wednesday evening.

When we arrived at the BoggsMobile we visited for a while and sent some emails for Bro. Shobanke and then I took him on the nickel tour of Waynesville and ended it at my parent's home. Mom and Dad had prepared a feast for our guest and it was a meal fit for a king! They served turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, rolls and a delicious dessert. It was wonderful. Thank you Ma and Pa for extending such hospitality to my dear friend.

Then we took Bro. Shobanke to the motel so he could rest up for church. It was a great blessing to have Bro. Shobanke in service with us last night at Anchor of Hope. I worked him hard in the altar service praying for all that had needs and desired prayer. God moved in a wonderful and powerful way and we are expecting to hear testimonies of healing and help from that service. 

You can see in this picture that we are just about beat. But it is nothing that a Frisch's Big Boy won't cure and it sure did...

We are looking forward to visiting with Bro. Shobanke some more over meals today and tomorrow and he will also be in service with us tonight at Anchor of Hope by God's grace. We will also be discussing the plans for our trip to Nigeria in November/December of this year. We are looking forward to preaching in Nigeria again and visiting with all of our brothers and sisters. We have a lot of ground to cover between now and the end of November but we can hardly wait to visit Nigeria again.

Well, it is off to lunch and then preparation for service tonight. Have a great day and don't miss the picture at the end of this post....

God bless

Mom and Dad with our family and Bro. Shobanke

Kelly Jo carried water for Bro. Shobanke on her head so he would feel right at home.  She is a head case....


  1. Thanks to Bro. Shobanke for praying for us yesterday! You could certainly feel the power of God in his prayer! Bless you, Bro. Shobanke!

    Love you all!

  2. Hey guys I am sorry I havent made it to Anchor of Hope yet. I wanted to come Monday night and everyone chickened out on me because of the storm then I found out after the fact that Bro Acy and Bro Johnny came. I would have came with them. I couldnt come tonight, I will hopefully make it before its over. I am praying for you all though. I heard you all had a really good service Sunday Morning. I miss ya at Corwin. Crystal

  3. The last scheduled night is Wednesday so you better hurry...


  4. Pastor Davy Boggs,
    Grace and Mercy be multiplied unto you. Thanks sir, for the warm reception and unique hospitality you are giving our Dearest Father in the LORD, Rev. Ade Shobanke. May the ALMIGHTY GOD reward you abundantly, and grant the desires of the your heart for your family.
    Matthew 10:41
    I am one the sheep in Rev. Shobanke's Fold, in Abeokuta, Nigeria.
    Greetings to our Beloved Daddy. More Grace, Anointing and Strength to him

    David Onigbinde


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