Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pictures of Shawn's Fix on the BoggsMobile

It is Sunday morning and it is a good time to praise God for his help! He leads us one step at a time and knows exactly what He is doing. You and I may be in the dark most of the time concerning His plans for us but God is never confused! God is never surprised! God is never at a loss as to what to do next!

We are still praising God for helping me on the side of the road on my way from Oklahoma to Nashville, Tennessee. For the full story of our miracle "fix" click HERE. That day could have ended any where between an expensive tow to some place I would hope could fix it after the weekend to losing the bus in a brake fire. Overheated brakes and tire blowouts are two of the leading causes of bus fires. Thanks be unto God for His wonderful help!

When the bus was up in the air Monday I took these pictures. I realize not every regular reader will be interested in seeing these but I also know that some of you can't wait to see them.

I can't wait to put the vice grips and ratchet strap back in Shawn's hands....

Shawn was able to crawl under the bus and get me going that day along side the road. He worked in terribly close quarters and it is amazing he was able to do it at all. He released the brake on one side and held it in that position with a ratchet strap. He pinched off the air line with a pair of vice grips. There was no way to repair it properly under the circumstances so he used God inspired ingenuity to get the job done. Praise God some more times!

While in Nashville, Prevost replaced this brake chamber and the air line to it. They also adjusted the brakes and checked out all of the other components. It all worked great on the way to Mississippi. We should be ready to roll for a long time.

We learn as we go, or at least we should learn as we go, and I have been looking for lessons in all of this. I want to learn and pass the test and move on to the next lesson! I do not want to repeat the same hard things time after time. I am learning more and more how to trust God and His leadership. As I said before, He knows exactly what He is doing.

I also want to learn the natural, physical lessons as well. I have learned this week from talking and listening to mechanics, bus drivers, bus owners and as they refer to themselves online, busnuts. I have learned the things I need to be looking for and the signs I should be noticing. This brake chamber did not fail overnight and had I known what to look for it "might" not have failed along side the road. Mechanical things fail. Sometimes they fail without any warning or reason and at the worst possible moment. But this part failed over time. Now I know the signs. It is up to me to be looking for them.

Are you learning as you go? I want to!



  1. That Man deserves the "Golden Duck-Tape and Bailin' Waar" award!

    God is Good!


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