Thursday, January 2, 2020

A Couple of Mismatched Circles

 🎵 The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. 🎵 

And so does the bus itself. It runs in big circles all over America.

I have been documenting our circles out and back home this year and we have enjoyed several of these tours across America and visiting with some of our nation's finest people.

Tour # 1
Tour # 2
Tour #3

I have our last two circles to tell you about today. One of them was very small and one of them was very large! They were completely mismatched circles.

Let us start out small. Near the end of the first week of August, we pulled out of the barn and drove to Pendleton, Kentucky on I-71 for an oil change. The next day we finished the trip to Central City, Kentucky to hold tent revival for Pastor Alan Harris and Trinity Pentecostal Church.

From there we pulled the tent trailer to Evansville, Indiana and then took the BoggsMobile back to Ohio for services on Sunday. However, before the bus rolled from Evansville, we jumped in the Green Machine and drove near Salem, Kentucky for Brentni's wedding and then back to the bus.

By late that night we were parked at Free Pentecostal Church in Springdale. We preached Homecoming for Pastor Randy Brown in Sharonville Sunday morning, back to Springdale Sunday night and in the barn before bedtime to complete the circle. The BoggsMobiled rolled 637 miles that circle.

The next circle was about 15 times bigger. The bus was only in the barn one full day after the small circle and then we rolled to Dryden Rd Fellowship Meeting in Dayton.

Google Maps now limits the map to 10 locations so I have broken the circle up into three sections.

Home to Dayton and then to Evansville, IN, Pine Prairie, LA, Richton, MS, Wilmer, AL, Cantonment, FL, Foley, AL, Richton, MS and then Wilmer, AL.

From Tanner Williams Holiness Church in Wilmer, we went to Bond, KY, London, KY, Vonore, TN, Elkton, VA, Vonore, TN, Paducah, KY, Florence, MT, Arbuckle, CA and finally to Amazing Grace Holiness Tabernacle in Atwater, CA.

During the circle above, we drove the Green Machine from London, KY to the Ranch for about 30 hours and before driving 3 hours back to London.

The final leg of the circle went from Atwater to Riverdale, CA, Hanford, CA, Riverdale, CA, San Luis Obispo, CA, Riverdale, CA, Bloomington, CA, El Mirage, AZ and then a short hop home to the Lazy OD Ranch.

Now, the list of cities does not always include all of the cities where we preached revival. These are the places where the BoggsMobile visited. There are times we park in one city and preach revival in another.

This BoggsMobile circle was 9743 miles and the western part of the circle from Virginia to California and back home was 6782 miles. It included three tent revivals at least eight church revivals, two camp meetings, two Homecomings, two stops at East Tennesse Luxury Coach, some single services, a school chapel service, a Christmas banquet, Thanksgiving and a whole lot of driving days. Yep, that was a big circle. 

We had a wonderful time all along the way, preaching revivals, making new friends, visiting with our long time friends, seeing all of the sights, eating terrific food, having a great time among the three of us and doing our best to fulfill our calling.

A new circle starts later this week by the Grace of God. As planned at the moment, the next circle will take in at least ten states and nearly six months. We have a big oversees trip scheduled in the middle of it, but unfortunately, the BoggsMobile does not fly well. Stay tuned!



  1. Sounds like perhaps You should be considering a BoggsPlane to really complete Your circles for GOD always !~! Plus bet Kelly & Odie would make outstanding pilot ANGELS for sure..,

    Frankie Shiflett

    1. Frankie,
      That sounds like a great idea, but it is harder to pull the plain over and take a nap. Hehe.



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