Sunday, January 12, 2020

View Out The Front Window 1/12/2020

These pictures represent two views out our front window at Tennessee Luxury Coach in Vonore, Tennessee. This first one is when we first pulled in Saturday morning.

The second is when we pulled into a spot later in the morning.

Last Sunday I asked about how many of you regularly use the links to the posts of the previous week that I often include in our Sunday View Out The Front Window. I appreciate those that responded to the question. 

I heard from about 15 million of you and the majority do not use the links at all, one or two commented that they have used them but do not regularly and one said he uses the links often.

As I mentioned to you last week, the Sunday View Out The Window feature was created so that we could post on Sunday without a huge time commitment. Posting daily requires pouring in several hours of time during the week and on weekends, time is in short supply.

So I think I will omit the links for now and maybe add them in on some Sundays when I am overwhelmed with free time. If you would like to see the posts from the previous week, you can navigate to them from either the desktop view or the mobile view

Thank you for reading today.


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