Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Vintage View Vednesday On The Road To Yellowstone 2007

We are having a wonderful week in Sweeny, Texas at Full Gospel Lighthouse. Each service has been special and we praise God for it. Please pray for us, Pastor Lamb and his people during revival.

On last week's Vintage View Vednesday I had more pictures from our time at the Metzger's in Florence, Montana with my parents in 2007. Today I have a few of our last day there, our drive from there to Gardner, Montana and then a few from Yellowstone. Next week I will have many more from Yellowstone, including Old Faithful and also pictures from the Grand Tetons.

I hope you enjoy the pictures today. Thank you for stopping in.




  1. Davy, TXS! for the fantastic trip & the beautiful pictures, Frankie. Of course & always TXS! for the wonderful stories about how You introduce GOD !~! to the world..

    Frankie Shiflett

    1. I am glad you enjoy the pictures. We love making memories!



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