Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Another Circle

Dayton Area Tornado Update:
Yes, as many of you have heard, tornadoes ripped through the western and northern outlying areas around Dayton. There is significant damage in Brookville, Trotwood and other areas.

One family from our church had structural damage to their home and they have already faced some terrific challenges in the last few years. As far as I know right now, (10:00 Eastern Tuesday) no one else from our church is directly affected. Most of our family live south and east of Dayton and they are fine. There is a possibility of more severe weather today.

Happy Birthday
First, I would like to say a great big hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad, Eugene Boggs. We love you very much and we are thinking of you today. We hope you have a terrific day.

Phone Service/Internet
The last time we were in Independence, AT&T had not discovered that part of Iowa and we had no phone signal. I am confidently hoping that things have changed since then. We plan to be there through Sunday and if you do not hear much from us until next week, you will know why.

Another Circle
Our short visit home last week to get the tent trailer and to attend the party for graduation completed another circle in our long series of circles traveling from place to place. We left The Lazy OD Ranch April 13, returned May 20 and traveled 3,296 miles in the bus.

In that time and distance, we preached five revivals in Kentucky, Indiana and Oklahoma, along with services in Texas and Tennessee. It was a relatively short circle time-wise, but we put on some miles. The circle we began Sunday will only be about five weeks, but it will be filled with a lot of driving too.

This is the first part from home to Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and back to OKC.

The second part is from OKC to Paden, Claremore and then toward home.

We sure praise God for taking care of us all those miles and for giving us the favor of the people in churches along the way. It is a pleasure to spend our days traveling this country and preaching the message of hope and salvation to all that will hear.

One of our greatest pleasures is that people receive us so well. They receive our message, they receive our singing and they receive us personally. We are living the good life!

Can you imagine a life of staying in one place all the time? It would be a life of no circles! 

I suppose that most of you reading can imagine that life just fine and you are glad that it is us and not you traveling in circles. Well, it takes all kinds to make the world go round!😀

It is time to drive some more! God bless you all.



  1. We travel in circles too. Ours are just smaller circles. I'm glad your big circles brought you all into my small circle and now our circles are eternally entwined. God bless you, my dear friends.

    1. You are very kind, Bro. Alan. We are thankful as well. We are definitely more blessed by your friendship than you could ever be blessed by ours! 😁
      We will circle your way very soon.


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