Thursday, January 9, 2020

Vintage View Vednesday Glacier National Park 2007

You may have noticed that yesterday's post was not Vintage View Vednesday as many of you probably expected. Our ATT phone service at Forts Lake is notoriously slow, but Tuesday it fell off the cliff and into the deep blue sea. Ouch! The normal slow speeds seemed like lighting fast compared to the new slow all day long.

I could not get pictures to load at all. I tried again Wednesday morning and it was still slow, but moving. It only took about four hours to load the Vintage View pictures yesterday morning and afternoon.

Yesterday's replacement post was late due to a glitch from the slow signal, but it did go up. IF you are an early morning reader, you may have missed it. HERE it is. We will wait for you and drink coffee until you are finished.

Vintage View Vednesday (On Thursday)
The pictures today come from our full day driving the Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park with my parents in the fall of 2007. It was a gorgeous day to take in a bunch of gorgeous scenery. I hope you enjoy the pictures and a few stories along the way.

Our first stop was the restaurant at St. Mary Villiage at the eastern beginning of the road through Glacier. We had eaten breakfast at another restaurant down the road the morning before. 

We walked into a beautiful old lodge style building and admired it all.

They had a piano that was a virtual twin to KJo's piano.

After admiring the lobby and the building we were seated in the restaurant. They informed us that they were only days away from closing for the season and they had absolutely no meat for breakfast. They had everything else, but if we wanted meat, they recommended the small place down the road.

We had eaten at the place down the road the day before so we knew it was very good. They were fine with us leaving, so we loaded Odie back up and drove about 1/4 mile and did it all over again.

We ordered our food and waited for the meal. Once the food was on the table we bowed our heads to pray. After prayer, one of us looked around and surveyed all of our plates. Do you know what we saw? 

Even though we left the first restaurant and went across the road because the first place did not have any meat. Not one of us ordered any meat for breakfast. We laughed about it until our food was about cold!

Now it was time for Dad and Mom to see Glacier National Park, one of our favorite spots on earth.

The lakes are amazing and the light was perfect for the mountains to reflect off the water. Beautiful!

Going to Glacier in the fall is so much different than going in June or July. We have been to the visitors center on Logan Pass in June when snow was still up to the roof. It is different in September, but no less breathtaking.

Down the western side.

What an amazing, beautiful trip! I hope you are enjoying it. Thank you for going along.



  1. Certainly enjoyed the beautiful trip, TXS! & what a crying shame about that meat situation for breakfast & a big laugh also.

    Frankie Shiflett

    1. Hehe! We are still laughing at ourselves. I am glad you enjoyed the pictures.


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