Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Vintage View Vednesday East Glacier/Canada 2007

Good morning, friends. Welcome to 2020! May God give you an amazing year as you walk with Him. Last year was quite a ride. Thank you for going along with us.

Vintage View Vednesday
There are times when I am sure that I am overloading you all with pictures. I have thought about omitting the Vintage View Vednesday altogether, even though I still have quite a few more pictures in our vast dusty archives. However, I received some encouragement this last week to keep posting pictures of our travels.

Glendon is a relative that we seldom get to see. He told cousin Lisa recently that he is getting to see places in our pictures that he will never get to see himself. So thank you, cousin Glendon, for the encouragement. I have a whole bunch of pictures for you to see today and probably many more times in the future.

For those of you that are pictured out, I will have more words than pictures tomorrow, by God's grace.๐Ÿ˜‰

Today's Vintage View Vednesday is a continuation of the Montana trip in the fall of 2007. We took my parents with us on a whirlwind tour of the west on our way to preach a revival for Sun Valley Church and Pastor Mike Metzger in Florence, Montana.

I left off two weeks ago with pictures from our drive across Montana and ending on the east side of Glacier National Park. We paid for two nights at the Circle R Motel in the town of East Glacier, Montana.

Our plan was to spend the first day driving along the east side of the park and then drive into Canada. There is an area of Glacier National Park that is north of the Going To The Sun Road called Many Glacier. It is a drive into the park surrounded by mountains and next to gorgeous glacier fed lakes. It is beautiful.

Then we drove into Canada to the National Lakes National Park of Canada and onward to the famous and picturesque Prince of Wales Hotel. We had an adventurous border crossing (Ask me about it sometime๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡) saw fantastic scenery and even a few black bear.

It was an awesome day that I hope I never forget. We ended the day back in East Glacier.

Here are a few bunch of pictures. I hope you enjoy. I will have a little running commentary sprinkled in with the pictures.

We were on the lookout for Grizzly. Is that a Grizzly ahead? Nope, just a cow.

We stopped for breakfast near the main east side entrance to Glacier National Park. I have a funny story that involves that restaurant that happened the following morning. I will try to share it with you in ou next installment of Vintage View pictures.

Grizzly? Nope!

Grizzly? Maybe.

Grizzly? Nope, but a big black bear! That was exciting.

Gizzly? Nope, another black bear!

We reentered the USA and drove back to East Glacier, Montana for another night in the Circle R. Next up? Driving the Going to the Sun Road through Glacier National Park. 

See you soon. Thank you for reading.



  1. Welcome to 2020 my traveling family..Beautiful pictures..May our God surround the bus with Angles for your safe Travels..Love ya'll from Ellisville

    1. 2020 is here weather we are ready or not!
      Thank you for praying for us and thank you for taking time to comment.



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