Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Life Goes In Circles For Us

Life goes in circles for us, it seems. We pull out of the driveway on the ranch and drive as fast as we can to destinations far, far away. The next week, we go again and the next week we go again. Sometimes we have been gone for as long as 7 1/2 months, but the gravitational pull always pulls us back to close the circle in Ohio.

We completed our first big circle of the year when we drove back onto the Lazy OD Ranch Saturday evening. We left on January 3 and arrived home April 6 after traveling 4472 miles in the BoggsMobile. The maps below show all the places we stopped and all of the churches where we preached. 

However, the bus did not make it to two churches. The bus missed the Sweeny church because of the breakdown. It spent two weeks in Houston at the Prevost shop. Also, the bus did not make it to Beechfork church, but parked at the hotel in Oak Ridge.

Although everything did not go exactly as planned, we had a terrific first quarter of the year. The Lord blessed us with wonderful services in every revival and we praise God for it. We did not have one revival service that was "off" in any way. That is awesome and God receives the glory.

We did have to cancel our anticipated revival with Pastor Jon Isaacs at Grace Fellowship because of the bus difficulty, but we stayed an extra four services in Sweeny. Bro. Isaacs was able to have a wonderful revival with another evangelist so after all was said and done, God worked it all out.

Our next circle begins Saturday with our trip to Calvary Pentecostal Church in Brooks, Kentucky. Following that we will go to Indiana, Tennessee and all the way back to Texas and then circle through Oklahoma on the way back home for two days Memorial Day weekend. That should take us about 3500 miles in about six weeks. We will see how that works out.

Today we worked on the barn, house, bus, car and yard and still had time to pick up a few things at Rural King and a side stop for Salsa. We did quit in time to glance out the window to see a beautiful sunset!


Thank you for dropping by today.


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