Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Vintage View Vednesday - More Montana 2007

Last week on Vintage View Vednesday I posted pictures from the beautiful state of Montana during our trip in the fall of 2007. Today I have some more pictures from Montana during our week of revival that trip. I will provide some running commentary along the way.

KJo is always telling people to lean over or make a funny face for pictures. The Metzger's are always game for a good time!

The scenery in Montana nearly takes my breath away every time.

Twins separated at birth?

One day the Metzger's drove us down the valley on HWY 93 all the way to the Idaho state line.

The candy store in Darby!

One day, Dad and I drove west of Lolo on HWY 12 to Lolo Pass and the Idaho State line. Lewis and Clark and their expedition camped near Lolo and went through Lolo Pass.

After church one night, Dad and Mom treated us all to McDonald's.

Wow! The Metzger children have all grown up. We need to go back to McDonald's someday and recreate some of these pictures. Look at these pictures from the fall of 2019 for comparison.

I love these pictures. Thank you for joining us on Vintage View Vednesday. See you soon.



  1. Davy, really enjoyed these pictures & I now understand exactly what You were indicating about KJo as in picture #56 where she's just making sure that bear doesn't breathe or move for she has such a good life with GOD & wants to live on this earth a tab bit longer, TXS! for this article.....

    Frankie Shiflett

  2. KJo has this morbid fascination with bears, especially grizzlies, yet somehow has this certain premonition that she will die at the hands of a grizzly. We All hope she is wrong!


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