Thursday, January 16, 2020

$4.69? Are You Sure?

On the way north from Moss Point to Vonore we drove through about 40 miles of very light misting type rain. It was so light that I did not turn on the wipers for a while. When I did turn them on, I put them on intermittent. After about 20 minutes, something in the wipers went BAM, the driver's side wiper turn upside down and I pulled over to check it out.

The bracket that holds the two wiper arms together had broken on the driver's side window. 

With the bracket broken the wiper itself was flipped and the small arm was hanging down out of place. I wired tied the two arms together, but the wipers could not be used. Thankfully, even the light rain ceased for the rest of the trip.

While we were at Jeff Rowe's I put everything back into position.

It looks good, but the bracket is still broken. The bracket and the arms are held in place by wire ties.

I do not believe the contraption would survive one swipe of the wipers. KJo coated the windshield with a good coat of RainX so we would not have to use the wipers on this trip. That stuff is like miracle liquid.

I was afraid the whole wiper assembly would have to be replaced and I had already worked out a way in my mind to "fix" the bracket.

Tuesday I emailed my most recent contact at Prevost Parts and lo and behold, you can order each and every part of the wiper assembly from Prevost.

That brings me to a bus miracle. This is a screenshot of the invoice.

Can you see that? The replacement part for the broken bracket costs $4.69 each. What in the world? $4.69? How can that be? Are you sure it is not $46.90 or more like $469 each? 

I have owned the BoggsMobile for almost 12 years and I have never found a $50 part, much less a $5 part. Hallelujah!

I determined along with the salesman that it must be a mistake. I thought about ordering 50 of them in order to take advantage of the good deal. $5? Wow! Then I considered that the two on the bus have lasted 25 years and one of them is still good. I do not think I will live long enough to use 50 of them.

So I ordered two parts at $4.69 each and I have been laughing all day. What a deal! I have finally found a cheap part on the bus. WooHoo! 

After the last 12 months of spending, I believe it is about time! This would be a good habit to get started.

Thank you for rejoicing with me today!



  1. Nice birthday present, less than $5, way to GO & just stay with GOD as a results all shall be well always !~!

    Frankie Shiflett


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