Friday, January 3, 2020

Revival In Pictures-Dryden Rd.

We have had a wonderful time at our home church the last several nights. The revival between Christmas and New Year's is a long standing tradition at Dryden Rd. We have received so much help during this revival through the years and it is always a highlight of the year when we are able to attend.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s Bro. Leon Buzzard preached this New Year revival for many, many years. Many of his sermons are embedded in my heart and in my mind because of the spiritual impact they had on my life at the time.

Usually, Bro. Buzzard and one of his boys would leave Glenwood, Arkansas Christmas night and be in Dayton in time to preach the night after Christmas. Often they would leave immediately after midnight on New Year's Eve and drive home. His family loved pickled bologna and they could not buy it in Arkansas. We would always send him home with a huge jar or two of pickled bologna.

In the late 1990s and into the early 2000s, Bro. Kevin Webster preached the New Year's revival. I will never forget some of the spiritual milestones that were reached during those revivals.

Through the years, many other preachers have preached this revival including Bro. John Gabbard and several of our home preachers. It has always been a special revival. I have enjoyed preaching it in the past and I enjoyed it this year, but I would love to go back to some of those years when Bro. Buzzard was preaching his heart to us and God was confirming his word.

Wow! Those are super great memories!

Sorry about your luck, Dryden Rd, but this year you were stuck with me. Thank you for helping me and responding in the altar service each night.

KJo was practicing carrying many dishes on her arm in case we ever need to get a job at Acapulco.

I told you that in my opinion, the New Year's revival is always a highlight of the year at Dryden Rd. Well, the highlight revival has its own highlight, Communion service on New Year's Eve! Praise God, it was glorious as always!

Thank you for joining us for Revival In Pictures. 



  1. The only way to GO !~!
    Davy, I know You hold rest of the words with GOD !~!, Yo Frankie.I really like Your Home-CHURCH.

    Frankie Shiflett

    1. I know you would love it if you were able to visit our home church sometime, Bro. Frankie. They are wonderful people with an awesome Pastor.


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