Friday, January 10, 2020

Revival In Pictures - Moss Point, Mississippi

It has been a wonderful week at Forts Lake in Moss Point, Mississippi. We have been preaching revival here for a number of years and we enjoy every visit. Pastor Tim Cauley and his people embraced us on our first trip to Forts Lake and they have been welcoming us with open arms all these years.

Literally speaking there was less embracing and shaking hands this year since we have been sick, but we have still felt well received. The flu has been cruel to the state of Mississippi this year, so we all tried to keep our germs to ourselves.
Odie captured a bunch of great pictures all week long and a few others added some pictures along the way. Even though Odie is pretty much superwoman, she still has a hard time taking pictures from the balcony.

I hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures. Thank you for stopping in. Come see us tonight if you can. We would love to have you in revival.


Look who came to eat lunch with us! 

Pastor Kevin Webster is preaching revival this week north of Mobile so they met us for lunch. It was so good to see our dear friends!


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