Monday, January 15, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview January 15, 2018

The weekend flew by at a fast and furious pace. Well, all of it was fast paced until we ground to a halt in Baton Rouge area traffic Saturday afternoon, but I will get to that in a few moments.
Friday we had more great fellowship with Bro. Barry and Sis. Teresa Gautreaux. We enjoyed being with our friends and we miss being gone from them already. On our last day we had more great food and more great conversation.

Friday night was Youth Rally and several churches were represented. We have been acquainted with most of those churches and their Pastors for many years. It was good to see them as they gathered in.

I snapped a few pictures of the beautiful sanctuary before folks arrived.

Odie took a bunch of pictures of the Pine Prairie folks and the visitors.

One of the Pastors that was present has a strong connection to a church where we preached revival only a few weeks ago. Pastor Shamgar Deatherage is the son of Pastor John Deatherage in Bloomington, California. Shamgar is pastoring in south central Arkansas. It was good to see him again.

We hoped to get an early start Saturday morning since we had a big day planned. We were up way too late visiting with all the folks Friday night and our hopes of an early departure evaporated right before our eyes.

We pulled out of the church drive a few minutes after 9:00 AM. We stopped a few miles south of the church to fuel up. It was sunny but it sure felt cold!

The truck stop required payment before pumping so I guessed at the amount. It probably would have held 25-30 more gallons.

It was a beautiful day to travel.

As I mentioned, Baton Rouge traffic was a mess. We dodged one traffic backup only to run into another. We drove a few miles in order to get on I-10 and the on-ramp was closed. We had to do a U-Turn with the bus and car and found the I-10 on-ramp from that direction was closed as well.

That left us with one option. We backtracked a few miles to Hwy 190 and went through the town traffic until we joined I-12 on the east side of Baton Rouge. It made for a very long and very stressful morning.

The slow down and dodging hither and yon turned a 282 mile trip into 6 hours and 55 minutes! Wow!

We parked at Forts Lake, wired into the electric panel, carried in our sound equipment, changed clothes and hit the road in the Green Machine. I guess I figured 282 miles were not enough so we drove 115 miles to church! 

We have wanted to visit my friend Pastor Nathaniel Roach near Castleberry, Alabama and Saturday was the best time to do it. They were having their annual fellowship meeting and we enjoyed our first time visiting there. We walked in right before service and left right before they dismissed so we did not take pictures.

Sunday morning in Moss Point rolled around bright and early. It was cold but beautiful.

We love coming to Forts Lake. Bro. Cauley and his folks respond so good to the singing and preaching and that makes it much easier to have revival. Plus they have great singing here and we love getting to enjoy that. The singing was excellent both Sunday morning and Sunday night. I wish you could hear it.

We snapped a few pictures from the services. We hope to have many more on Friday.

That wraps up our second weekend back on the road. I hope they all can be so good this year! Thank you very much for reading.


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