Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview January 2, 2018

The whole weekend went by in a whirlwind. If you do not believe it, here is a picture of the whirlwind that blew in!

That was on the way home from church Friday night. It came down in a hurry and the roads were slow going. I can usually drive to the barn after church in 30 minutes. It was a 50 minute ride Friday night.

We left early for church Friday afternoon. We picked up Odie and then went to Ruby Tuesday. I need a salad bar fix now and again and Ruby Tuesday's is my favorite place to scratch that itch.

The roads were already bad when we pulled into Ruby Tuesday's and they were worse when we left. By the time we arrived at church I doubted very many folks would make it. I was wrong. Several were late because of the snow but we had a real good crowd and a real good service.

Bro. Jeff and Sis. Debbie Roberts had invited us over Friday night after church. It has become something of a tradition when we are home and able to attend the New Year's revival. We always enjoy going to their house with a bunch of the church folks.

The snow was too bad Friday after church so we were invited again Saturday after church. One of the highlights besides the fellowship was getting to see Bro. Jeff's 1925 Chevrolet Series K Superior! It is so cool! 

Sunday morning we sang and preached next door at Dodds for Pastor Kelly Rogers and his folks. It was a cold, cold, cold Sunday morning but the sun was shining and the Lord was blessing. We loved the service.

After church Dad and Mom took us to Acapulco with several other family members and we had a great time. The meal, fellowship and family time was all good. Some how we managed to spend at least 90 minutes together and we have no pictures at all to prove it. How in the world did that happen?

Watch night service at Dryden Rd. began at 8:00 so that gave me time for a 2+ hour nap. That nap came in handy as I you will understand at the end of the post.

We had an awesome service right from the word go!

We usually have an abbreviated worship service because we take communion and have foot washing on New Year's Eve as well. The Lord began moving and the clock got away with us. 

We finished the awesome communion service at 12:45 and wrapped it all up about 1:15. By the time we dropped Odie off at Dad and Mom's it was 1:55 AM when we were pulling into the barn.

There was a glitch in this great night, though. The power was out on the whole street when we arrived. We went in the bus and it was 44 degrees inside. That is when I knew the power had been out for hours. We found out later it had went off before 8:00 PM.

I opened the big barn door in the back and tried to open the big door at the front. It has frozen shut and I could only open it about 1 foot. I will have to rectify that before Thursday morning so we can leave. 

I was opening the doors so I could possibly run the bus generator but the exhaust kept blowing back in the barn. That was a bum idea. No sense staying warm and poisoning ourselves too.

We went back out to the car and started it so that we could get warm and think. Did I mention it was minus 5 outside real temperature? While we were warming up, Kelly Jo checked the Duke Energy site and they were estimating the power would be back on a little after 3:00. 

We waited until then and they changed the estimate until after 4:00. I can not imagine being those guys in the cold trying to restore the power so I was not surprised at the change in timing. They definitely earned whatever they are paid last night and then some.

We went back in the bus and waited. The power came on about 4:00 like they said. The inside bus temperature was 41. Then I checked on the temperature in the house and it was still above 50 in most of the rooms with well over 8 hours of no heat. The insulation is definitely working.

Thanks to Bro. Matt and Sis. Lysa Howell for that!

Nothing froze up and that gives the whole story a happy ending. By the time we had the heat back on and we were all settled down, it was time to start my day. Sleep is overrated! Now you know why that Sunday nap was so special!

That was our weekend. Thank you for stopping in today.


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