Friday, December 8, 2017

Bloomington, California - Revival In Pictures

We have had a great week with friends here at Bloomington  Pentecostal Church of God. Pastor John Deatherage and his folks have been very kind to us and we have enjoyed being with them. Our first visit here was in October of 2010 and we have loved coming back every chance we get.

We did have a difficult time leaving the church after that first visit. We high-centered on the exit and it was not pleasant.

There are some days of bus ownership that are not fun at all. That was one of them for sure. I was sick as a dog when that happened but we escaped without any damage by the grace of God. You can read my brief description HERE. I no longer go in or out of that particular entrance.šŸ˜

You may have read about the terrible fires in the LA area driven by the ferocious winds that have been blowing. We have not had terribly big fires real close to us but the wind has been rocking the BoggsMobile all week long.

I tried to capture a picture of the force of the wind is this first picture.

It is supposed to be calmer tomorrow when we make our drive to Arizona. I hope so. I would not have attempted to drive in the winds this week. It was that bad.

We have one more night of revival but it is time for our Revival In Pictures post. I hope you enjoy.

Thank you for dropping in today.


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