Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Vintage View Vednesday Sony Digital Mavica 1999

It is time for another Vintage View Vednesday post. Thank you for all the positive comments, texts and emails in response to our first Vintage View Vednesday post last week. That was cool. I appreciate the feedback.

Yesterday's post was kind of accidentally a post with vintage pictures. You responded great to that post too. If you read that early in the morning, you might want to check it again. I updated it later in the day with quite a bit of information about the pictures.

I told you we have a bunch of pictures in our archives and the pictures I am posting today are reaching way back. These pictures were taken in the late 90's with the first digital camera I had ever seen, at least the first I remember seeing. 

My brother Steve purchased a Sony Digital Mavica in March 1998 for over $700. It could take 480x640 or 720x1068 pictures and also 15 or 30 second video depending on resolution. The video was max 320 pixels across.

The storage for the pictures was 1.4MB 3.5" floppy disc. It was so cool to take picture with his camera. I have a few batches of pictures taken with it and I will post more at a later date.

These pictures today were taken at various times in 1999. We were living in Kansas at the time so we missed these events. I remember the thrill we received when Steve would send a CD with pictures.

Holy Batboy, Robin!

Isaac feeding Victor. This may have been the day Isaac learned there are limits to everything in life!😛

Deidre, Victor and Isaac in the Cemetery on the bench near our little Ali's grave.

Baby Lauren in Steve and Karen's van. I think that is Deidre and Victor peeking over the seat.

A great picture of Isaac boy!

Victor boy!

Beautiful Deidre

The camera

Most of the rest of these were taken at Isaac's 5th birthday party in September 1999.

I hope you are enjoying the pictures. I am having fun going through them and showing them to you.



  1. I love these:)) The picture where we are sitting on the floor next to the drinking fountain; the little girl in the pink is Hannah McCoy. That is her mom, Tara bending down and her brother.

    Love you all.


    1. Thank you Deidre! You Dad pointed that out too. We thought that might be Sis. Tara McCoy and Hannah.

      For those of you that might not know, that is the same McCoy family that now Pastor the church in Castle Rock, Colorado where we have preached twice, including a revival in October last year.



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